Veteran Nigerian Actor, Pete Edochie @ 66

Veteran Nigerian Actor, Pete Edochie @ 66
March 7 was the birthday of veteran Nigerian actor, Pete Edochie. He was born March 7, 1947 in Enugu (Nigeria). He had his primary and secondary school education in northern Nigeria. He joined the Eastern Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation in 1967, and he would work as a broadcaster until he retired in 1988. 

Pete Edochie is one of the most respected and accomplished Nigerian actors. Blessed with a deep voice and commanding presence, he is one of Africa’s most formidable actors. He shot into prominence when he took the lead role in the NTA TV series, Things Fall Apart (1987). After retiring from broadcasting he went fully into acting, and he has featured in over 200 movies, some of which are Throne of the Gods, My Beloved Son, Secret Pain, Passage of Kings, Return of the Princess, and Egg of Life.
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