New Movie: Jujuwood, Nuella To Expose Nollywood Girls

New Movie: Jujuwood, Nuella To Expose Nollywood Girls
Actress Nuella Njubigbo is set to unravel the mystery behind the quest for power, fame and stardom in her new movie, Jujuwood, directed by Tchidi Chikere. According to a statement from the producers, the journey to stardom is filled with drama and competition.

Jujuwood is a movie about girls in the entertainment world, their lusts for fame and power and the length they are willing to go to be famous.” Cast includes Funke Akindele, Halima Abubakar and Ruth Kadiri. The movie x-rays the challenges and hassles of being an-up-and-coming act in Nollywood. It also exposes how low some starlets will stoop to achieve their dreams of being celebrities.

Jujuwood, slated for released in April is one of the many movies produced by Nuella who has featured in movies like Another Level, Beautiful Colour, Tears of A Prince, Evil Project, Money Never Sleeps and a host of others. She made her debut as an actress in Royal Destiny.
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