Achebe, Things Fall Apart Copies Distributed Free

Achebe, Things Fall Apart Copies Distributed Free

The King’s College, Lagos, will on Thursday distribute free copies of the novel, ''Things Fall Apart'', in tribute to the author, Prof. Chinua Achebe, who died on March 21.

The Principal, Mr Oladele Olapeju, said on Tuesday that the college would give out more than 1,000 copies to its students at its Cultural Day celebration in Lagos.

He said that the event would have the theme: “Our Culture, Our Pride”.

“This year’s Cultural Day of the King’s College, Lagos, has been dedicated to the late Chinua Achebe, Africa’s literary genius.

“We are not only proud of Prof. Achebe’s incomparable exploits, we are pre-eminently gratified that it was Nigeria that produced him for the world,” he said.

He told NAN that the event would showcase Nigeria’s cultural heritage, to encourage students to be proud of their country.

He expressed the hope that the distribution of the copies of the novel would promote reading culture among the students and make them to see Achebe as their role model.

The principal said that the college would continue to engage in activities that would promote academic excellence.

He told NAN that King’s College emerged 2nd in the most recent list of 10 best secondary schools in Nigeria. (NAN)
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