Movie: The Number One Fan Produced By Juliet Ibrahim

The Number One Fan Produced By Juliet Ibrahim
Shooting of The Number One Fan -  a movie produced by Juliet Ibrahim, has been completed. The Number One Fan exposes the life behind the scenes of every movie star. It reveals the love from fans, hatred from colleagues and most especially the problems they face in their marital homes.

The movie features a lead character, Lala Gam-Hammond (actress) who got bored with her acting career after winning multiple awards. She announces her retirement in order to start a family with her husband. In a quest to do so, Lala Gam-Hammond lost her pregnancy. Who amongst her numerous colleagues, friends, fans is responsible for her loss?

The Number One Fan is a thriller movie filled with suspense and intrigues. It features great actors from Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Liberia, America and Ghana. It’s the first ever movie to be produced by award winning actress Juliet Ibrahim. Having received multiple awards over the years, this blockbuster is aimed at winning several awards in and across the continent. Before a release on the market, the movie will tour cinemas in Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia, Sierra Leone, United Kingdom and United States of America.

The production features Yemi Blaq (Nigeria), Zainab of Big Brother Star Game (Sierra leone), Prince David Osei (Ghana), AY the Comedian (Nigeria), Kofi Adjorlolo (Ghana), Emmanuel V Mensah (Liberia/USA), Keitta Ossei of Big Brother Africa (Ghana), Eddie Nartey (Ghana), KC Ejelonu (Nigeria), Narsh Smith (Ghana/USA), Sonia Ibrahim (Ghana/Liberia), Stephanie Owusu( Ghana) Juliet Ibrahim and many others.
The Number One Fan Produced By Juliet Ibrahim
AY and Yemi Blaq in a scene from ‘Number One Fan’

The Number One Fan Produced By Juliet Ibrahim
Juliet Ibrahim and a number of stars in a scene from ‘The Number One Fan
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