‘My Dad Slept With Me Twice Weekly’

‘My Dad Sleeps With Me Twice Weekly’
The warm embrace and custody of a parent, especially a father who is hardly seen at home is what every child wishes to relish. Naturally, parents are expected to nurse and nurture their children and give them the best care possible. But when the very parent who is to give his or her child all the care the child needs abuses the child, it calls for a serious concern.

Unfortunately, the case of Bola, a 14-year-old girl, falls under the latter. The father, Olanrewaju Wasiu, who lives at Awoyaya in Ajah, Lagos sees nothing wrong in sexually abusing her. Bola’s only crime was that she was fond of sitting on daddy’s laps. Daddy’s girl, you would say! But since when has it become a crime to sit on one’s father’s laps?

Wasiu at least enjoyed canal knowledge of his daughter twice in a week, until luck ran out on him. The daughter, who was brought in by the officials of Youth and Social Development, an arm of the Lagos State Ministry of Youth, Sports and Social Development to lay her complaints, told LEADERSHIP that her father cultivated the habit of sleeping with her twice weekly.  She said after sometime, she got tired of the illicit affair and decided to expose him.

She said, “At least my daddy will sleep with me twice weekly. He would rape me each time I refused him and he would threaten to kill me. There was a time he threatened to kill me if I ever told anyone of what was going on.”

Our correspondent gathered that the bubble on the dastardly act burst while the little girl was crying in her school and the school authorities summoned her to inquire about her plight.

She was said to have confessed to them that her father had been sleeping with her as well as maltreating her.
The school authorities reported the case to the state government, which led to Wasiu’s arrest. The girl is currently under the custody of the state government.

Interestingly, Wasiu, the suspect, owned up to having sex with his daughter, but said he only did it on two occasions.
His words, “I did not know what came over me; it was not my fault, I don’t know how it happened. It is the devil’s work. I only slept with her twice weekly.”

Wasiu alleged that his daughter tempted him by always sitting on his lap and demanding having fun with him, saying that was why he carried out the act when he could not hold it emotionally.

He added that, “I beat her because she stole my money.  I am sorry for everything. I beg the authority to forgive me.’’
Wasiu further said he had his daughter, Bola, out of wedlock and never married her mother.

The chairman, Lagos Taskforce on Environmental and other offences, Bayo Sulaiman, a superintendent of police, confirmed the arrest of Wasiu for allegedly raping his daughter, saying he would be charged to court in due course.
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