Movie: When Fishes Drown Producered By Bamigbe

Movie: When Fishes Drown Producered By Bamigbe
Title: When Fishes Drown
Director: Soji Ogunnaike
Producer: Bamigbe Onasanya
Screenplay By: Soji Ogunnaike and Arome Ameh
Cast: Seun Kentebe, Wole Ojo, Tana Adelana
Year of Release: 2013

This film, which serves as an advocacy material against domestic violence, tells the story of a young hardworking guy who witnesses domestic violence both at work and at home. He usually turns a deaf ear to these victims, especially his neighbour but soon learns that the simplest actions actually could avert cases of domestic violence.

This film is intended for FREE distribution both in Africa and worldwide, passing a strong message to all its viewers on TV, web and theatres.

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