Lil Wayne Apologized To CITY of Miami BUT Not To Miami Heat

Lil Wayne Apologized To CITY of Miami BUT Not To Miami Heat

Lil Wayne says, I Am Not Sorry

Lil Wayne says he’s NOT SORRY for saying he banged Chris Bosh’s wife claiming his only regret from his All-Star weekend rant was insulting his “homie” LeBron James.

Weezy called in to WEDR radio in Miami sometimes ago to address the video footage that surfaced the rapper’s All-Star weekend performance -- when he said, “F**k LeBron. F**k She Wade. F**k Chris Bosh. F**k all y’all.”

And the zinger ... “I f**ked Chris Bosh wife.”

But Wayne’s not sorry for what he said, telling the radio station, “I don’t apologize for that night. I don’t apologize for being who I am. I don’t take nothing back. This is who I am.”

But the refusal to apologize came with two caveats --
1) Wayne took back what he said about LeBron, saying “I didn’t mean to say [‘f**k LeBron.’] That’s my homie.”

2) Wayne apologized to the CITY of Miami for his outburst but he specifically did NOT apologize to the Miami Heat.

TMZ published the video showing Lil Wayne trashing the Heat and the NBA, claiming the Heat got him banned from all NBA events.

During the radio interview, Wayne says the bad blood stemmed from a Heat-Lakers game last week, in which Dwyane Wade cussed him out for rooting for the Lakers. Wayne says things got heated from there and now he hates everyone except LeBron.
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