How Weird! Japanese Pop Star Shaves Hair & Makes Public Apology For Dating

How weird! Japanese pop star shaves hair & makes public apology for dating 

 20 year old Japanese pop star, Minami Minegishi, was made to shave her hair and make a public apology for - wait for this - spending the night with her boyfriend! Lol. What???

 Minami, who is a member of popular Japanese girl's band AKB48, made the tearful apology after a gossip magazine in her country printed photos of her leaving her boyfriend's house after spending the night with him. She actually covered her face with surgical mask and a baseball cap, but she was still discovered.

 Her band has a strict rule that members are not allowed to be involved in any sexual relations and her group management made her shave her hair, which is a traditional act of contrition in Japan and make an apology video which was posted on the band's website, then Youtube.

 In the video, Minami said she had been thoughtless and immature and was very sorry. 
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