Enough Of These Mindless Killings – ACF

Enough Of These Mindless Killings – ACF
The Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) yesterday described the endless clashes among communities in Nasarawa State, which have caused untold hardships on the people as mindless.

In a statement, the ACF spokesman, Mr.Anthony Sani, said the killings were serious cause of concern to the government and people of the state as well as to ACF.

“ACF believes what peaceful due process of dialogue cannot solve, violence cannot address. It is against this backdrop that the forum calls on the feuding communities in Nasarawa State to sheathe their sword and embrace the due process of dialogue that are in place to address of any perceived grievances.

“This is also true of Offa/Erinle in Kwara State, since killing of innocent people at the slightest provocation is uncivilised and a resort to cave age mentality that cannot bring about the needed peaceful co-existence for socio- economic development.

“ACF also wishes to commiserate with the governments and people of both Nasarawa and Kwara states over the loss of lives, houses and properties to the clashes between communities. May God give them the wisdom and means of getting over the violence and replacement of the losses many folds,” the statement read.
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