What Can I Do? Will A Man Still Marry Me @ 42?

What Can I do? Will a Man Still Marry Me @ 42?
Am I under a spell? I feel ashamed and embarrassed. I know some people would want to nail me after reading just the headline but I feel this is getting out of hand. 

 I clocked 42 last July and to be candid I’m not into any serious relationship. I’m from South-South Nigeria, the first daughter out of 7 children. I hope you won't feel offended as I would not further disclose my identity for obvious reason.

 Just last year, our last born who works with a popular telecommunication company got married to her longtime boyfriend, leaving only me hugging ‘tubes and tyres.’ I’ve gone for prayers in several churches; they promised me that my husband would appear in no distant time. In fact, the last prayer house I went in a popular church, the man of God told me that ‘if he be a man of God, before the year runs out, my dream man would appear.’ 

 Another one told me I was the architect of my predicament, saying that I’ve missed the opportunity. When I was in my mid 20s, I had many ‘toasters’ but they were never my dream men. I used to think my kind of guy was the tall, dark and handsome one. Preferably banker, but now they are not forthcoming. 

 I was in a relationship with an ex-footballer but I dumped him when I could no longer cope with his kind of person. Now, I’m even ashamed of living in the same house with my parents at my age.

Please what can I do to help myself at 42?
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