Ladies Get Guy’s Attention...Learn!

Ladies Get Guy’s Attention...
Some guys can really act blind when a fine-looking lady wants their attention, but there are ways to make a guy notice you without actually walking up to him. Blessing Ukemena writes.

Getting his attention isn’t really easy, especially if you are an old school. You happen to be at a friend’s wedding or at the lecture room with your friends and there is this fine-looking guy you just wish would notice you. Well, that extra-fine hottie will be yours in no time and you won’t even have to talk to him!

Letting him know that you’re available and interested without having to muster up the courage to have an awkward conversation, isn’t as hard as it seems. All you need is a few grand gestures, a sneaky attitude, and these easy tips that will surely get his attention. But this is not to suggest that you should be desperate for every fine guy you see.

Throw a tantrum
Scientific Fact: Guys find a girl who cries irresistable. Wait outside of his class, sit on the floor, and let the tears fly, baby. He'll feel so bad for you, there's no way he won't be spending his lunch period wiping away your tears. I see a real connection in your future! Or you can just accidentally bump into him and scream at him for not looking. Then, later go and apologies to him, but do not end the conversation until he asks for your number, wink, wink!

Text the other important women in his life
This may be hard to do, but somehow try to get his mum’s line or his sister’s. When you call, do not start with the line “You’ll never guess who has a crush on your son!” It’s a great icebreaker – before you've even spoken to him,  but will certainly get you a frown from mum. You’ll let mum and grandma know you’re serious about that special someone, but in terms of his work or his studies, whichever he is doing at the time, and when he hears that someone called mum to report him, he will want to know who did.

Rob him!
Steal his homework or his diary. He'll be freaking out all day. When you give it to him, he'll be SO GLAD. He may just take you out on a date, but never let him know that you actually stole it, until you are soo sure he is terribly in love with you. You should not have secrets in your relationships right?

Ghetto blast
You may remember how a man in love will serenade his lady at night? Even if you don't, it's a pretty good technique to use on a guy, especially if he is a neighbour. Wait until it’s real quiet at night, when everyone is asleep, and blast his favourite band. Drake? Weezy? MI? Make a mixtape that comes from the heart. And he will think that you are weird, but he will certainly notice you.

Give him a fright!
Snag a lock of his hair (you know you've got more than a few)! Make a voodoo doll. Tell the voodoo doll you love it. Kiss the voodoo doll and attach his name in bold letters on it. When you are done, then go drop it on his table before he comes around. Make sure you happen to be “passing by” when he sees it, so you can explain that some careless girl you don’t know dropped it there, and comfort him that it’s nothing serious. He will appreciate it. Take it from there.

Cook something nice for him
This is easy, because lots of ladies do this anyway. It could just be snacks that you know he likes, leave it in his locker close to lunch time. Just be sure to leave a secret message inside. When he's chewing paper, all of a sudden at first, he'll be like "WTF?" But then, when he sees that GIANT HEART written in pink gel pens, he'll know you're for real. And search you out.

Dress up
Like a witch, when it's not Halloween, there's no way he won't notice you. He'll be asking all his friends, "Damn, who's that fine witch over there?"

Make it a crime of passion!
You should never harm yourself for a man, but faking your own death will get everyone talking. "Did she do it for love?" Yes! The answer is yes! When he is mourning your loss and you emerge alive and well during break time, you will be his own personal miracle. Or on the altenative, ask your best friend who knows how to swim to act like she is drowning when he is close by. Dive in and “save” her before anyone does and wait for him to walk over, because he will come to tell you how great you are!

Make a big gesture
If you happen to know his birthday, then do not hesitate. Order a cake for him and attach a message from you. Carry it over to his table, whether he is alone or not, give him a hug and just walk away. Then, sit back and wait for him to come to you. Remember, whatever you do, do not kiss him first. That is so against the rules, enjoy!
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