Female Student Raped By Imam - He Blames "The Devil"

Female Student Raped By Imam - Blames "The Devil"
A 15-year-old Junior Secondary School Student of Educational Legacy College, Ibadan, was recently molestd by an Imam because she had poor grades.

The 43-year-old Muslim Imam, Isiaka Salimonu, is said to have lured the student with promises of holy oil for prayers to improve her academic performance.

According to Yetunde, the victim, he had made several attempts to lure her previously.
 “On 15 December, 2011, when I collected my report card, he was in the mosque and he called me and asked for my report card and I gave him. He said my performance was poor and that he was going to help me by giving me some charms which would help me perform better academically.

He asked her to wait for him twice, she finally agreed the second time.

“He came and told me the charm was in his friend’s house. I followed him and when we got to the house, we didn’t see his friend. He knocked on the door but nobody responded. Later, he told me to follow him to collect the charm; and he took me to a small hut and asked me to remove my clothes. I refused, but he stripped me and molestd me. 

 "I started shouting for help. That was about 5.00p.m. I was angry and left. He gave me N2,000 but I rejected it. I also rejected the holy oil. When I got home, I reported the matter to my elder brother and it was later reported at the Olodo Police Station.”

The rapist, who has owned up to his crime, blamed it on “the devil”.
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