Eliminate Contagious Diseases With Carrot Juice

Eliminate Contagious Diseases With Carrot Juice
Carrot juice is rich in many nutrients and is easy to consume. A cup of carrot juice meets the daily requirements of the body.

Avoid drinking more than one cup per day, as there is every possibility that it will cause skin colouration. Since carrot juice is high in natural sugars, diabetic patients should consult their doctor before consumption. You can also apply it directly on your skin to reduce blemishes.

Before preparing carrot juice, always wash the carrots thoroughly and scrub them with a brush. You can also mix carrot juice with other fruits like oranges, bananas, blueberries, and so on to improve the taste. If you want to get maximum benefits of carrot juice, then drink the fresh juice and avoid bottled ones, since they contain preservatives and have less nutritional value.

15 pieces carrot
150 ml water
1/3 cup sugar

Wash the carrots. Peel and put the pulp into a blender. Grind with 100 ml water until it becomes liquid.

Heat 1 cup of water in a pot and add sugar if you want extra sweetness. Boil until the sugar completely dissolves in the water. Mix the sweetened water with the carrot juice.

Pour in a sieve to remove the chaff.

Refrigerate and consume within few days to avoid sour taste.

Best served chilled.

Health Benefits of Carrot Juice
Carrot juice eliminates contagious diseases.

It is extremely beneficial for skincare.

Carrot juice contains carotenoids, which help protect the heart. Regular consumption of carrot juice reduces the possibility of developing heart attack.

Carotenoids in carrots help blood sugar regulation.

It contains a phytonutrient called falcarinol that protects the body against colon cancer.

Beta-carotene in carrot juice aids in the improvement of night vision. Smoking-related problems can be prevented by beta-carotene present in carrot juice.

Carrot juice is good for nursing mothers, as it helps to improve the quality of breast milk.

It contains essential oils, which help in proper digestion, and thus, help in the prevention of acne.

Daily intake of carrot juice helps in long term cough relief.

In patients suffering from amenorrhea, carrot juice helps in increasing the menstrual flow.
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