Beauty Advice For Men, Men Are Not Left Out!

Beauty Advice For Men, Men Are Not Left Out!
It is said that only women are concerned with looking good, but most men are now taking an interest in how they appear in public. Blessing Ukemena gives some tips on men grooming.

Women generally prefer the neat guy to the savage. But honestly, some men do not take care of themselves! It can be so annoying to stand close to a guy at the bus-stop and have to hold your breath, because of the odour oozing from his under-arms, or turn your face away when he talks because of his breath.

Thankfully, some other men actually care for their looks, and some experts say that many of the same routines that  women have used for years are appropriate for men as well, who should also consider the best ways to handle their own, unique beauty needs. Here are some of those tips men should keep in mind:

Dry shaving, using a dull blade, or shaving with too little cream, can scrape, burn and irritate skin. Loosen your beard with hot water. Then, apply a moisturiser before applying shaving cream. The moisturiser absorbs into the skin, while shaving foams generally sit on top.

Apply shaving cream and shave using short strokes to ensure more blade coverage and a smoother shave. Rinse with lukewarm water, then rinse in cold water to tighten skin. Follow with an after shave lotion (rather than a cologne) to cool any burning.

Nothing says "Werewolf" like a unibrow. Although there are some women who are attracted to savage-looking men, many ladies like their men looking quite civilised. Tweezing hair between brows keeps this area clean, longer than shaving, although shaving can give a clean appearance between brows for several days.

Men tend to be involved in outdoor activities that involve sweat, dirt, oil, grease and wiping hands across their faces. Adding sunburn, peeling and clogged pores is the result. Use a dry brush or coarse cloth to give skin a deep scrubbing. This removes more than just surface dirt, and helps you get rid of dead skin cells and embedded dirts and oils. Perform a good exfoliation as least once each week, after weekend activities such as yard work, auto repairs or playing sports.

Use sunscreen
A suntan is burnt skin. If in the sun for an extended period of time, apply a sunscreen with a minimum 15 SPF rating, 30 minutes before going into the sun to make sure the sunscreen absorbs into the skin and starts providing protection as soon as you hit the sunlight. Daily sunscreen application reduces risk of melanoma by half, so slather it on each morning – and don't leave it just at the face. Try a body cleanser that also has a wash-on SPF in it

Ears and nose hair
Many men wonder why the hair that used to grow out of the top of their heads is now coming out of their nose and ears. Trim unsightly hair from nose and ears, as part of a regular grooming routine. A beard trimmer is a great tool for trimming hair on the outer portion of the ears.

Using a razor blade can result in cuts and bleeding. Use manicure scissors or a commercial trimmer for nose-hair removal. Nose hair is the body’s filtration system, so remove this hair only if it’s extremely unsightly; don’t attempt to remove all the hair that’s deep inside the nasal passages.

Finger and toe nails
Keep finger and toe nails clipped and finger nails cleaned underneath. File down sharp edges on nails after clipping, and file away any loose skin on fingers and toes while the file is handy.

Wash your hair regularly to remove dirt and oil. According to investigators at Consumer’s Union and Newsweek magazine, there's no need to purchase expensive shampoos because most have similar ingredients. Washing your hair the night before allows some natural oil buildup to help prevent "fly away" hair if you want to look your best the next morning.

Brush and floss regularly, and pay close attention to gums. Food lodged between teeth can cause infections and sores on gums, leading to bleeding and bad breath. If you drink tea or coffee or smoke, use a tooth brush with a whitening agent, and consider whitening strips or a whitening treatment at the dentist's office from time to time.

Apply Deodorant
It’s very important for men to apply deodorant as their dirty sweat smell is a serious turnoff. There are a lot of deodorants in the market for men, so get one that is most suitable for you. If you like a sweet smelling lady, you should be a sweet smelling man.

Do not bath with all-purpose soap
While an all-in-one is convenient, it can also take a toll on the sensitive skin on your face. It may seem that women have too many products, but using an “all-purpose” antibacterial soap can dry your skin.
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