True Life Story...What Rumours Can Cause

Wonder shall never end. I was in a bank at waterline and a pretty young lady walked in, she was in black fine gown and black/animal skin different colour hill at the back of the shoe. Though admiring her, i knew i had seen her face before, as i was checking my phone, a voice from nowhere said this girl smells, everybody believed and started closing their nose. She walked with confidence to the manager’s seat that was with two visitors and she went close to the three of them talking with the manager but i find out that none of them covered their nose. Out of curiosity, i was surprise because the lady in question was well dressed, pretty from head to toes. I went very close to her and find out she was clean and decided to talk with her and find out her mouth did not smell either. Some other staff went close to her too and find out all the rumours and pictures of her they were spreading around were all lies. Everyone was dumb folded at the wickedness of the world against this pretty girl, who they said lives in a fine estate on Lekki-Ajah axis, Lagos.

The person that started the rumour was confronted and he said he got the picture from a friend just like every other person spreading it. As the discussion was getting longer in undertone, another man said similar issue happened to said lady at a shopping mall sometime last year. She was with another lady, when they got close to them, they couldn’t smell anything.

The question is where on earth did this evil rumour originated from, who masterminded it against her,what did she do to deserve this? Even those that has odour right from birth,they don't spread such rumour against them.

In other to get to the root of this, I put her picture and our experience at starling bank on BB to see people’s response. The summary of the whole scenario from BB friends were:

I. Na wa, na them say them say

II. As you tire, na so i tire. When i see her too. Me done pray for forgiveness

III. It’s a rumour, since 2010.When you get close to her you don’t perceive anything. I beg make bad belle people free this babe

IV. Another one said,It was a spiritual attack from someone she did something to in her office. They didn’t know how to sack her because of her brother’s position in same company. According to the info i had, she never stopped calling someone’s name in the office. Saying the man took her name some where and to junction at night but there seems to be element of truth in it, when the said man made a comment sometime ago that ‘’if you offend his friend,his very good friend(a man,name withheld) who is a staff of same company, he will necked at night and take your name to junction to pray evil prayer against you’’. that was From a reliable source. It is said that birds of a feather flocks together. The aim was to frustrate her so she could resign herself, since, it was assumed nobody could sack her for no just reason because of her brother’s position. With this comment which was made publicly in an open office, it’s obvious something is fishing, there is element of truth in her claims. Let’s try as much as possible to get facts before spreading rumour.

V. I saw her and her colleague, who attended same school with me, sometime ago in V/I, she introduced her .When asked, she said they are in same office, she doesn’t smell, she is clean from head to toe,she dresses well. She was surprised when i told her about the rumour

VI. Another comment from somebody close to the guards in her estate was, this thing is not trueoooo. We have known her for years, if it’s true how come people in her house did not perceive it, we did not but only outsiders that are rumouring it.She is a nice and decent lady. She doesn’t behave like others.

VII. A friend who identified himself as her colleague said. Na lie dem dey talk,na bad belle dey worry dem. I have being to her house, she is not from a poor home. Na envy. Though, she is very blunt. She must have stepped on toes too. When you hear things people do to bring their colleagues down or whoever they feel is standing on their way in their offices, you will stop believing everything you hear.

VIII. There was a day we entered same bus with her, it was the guy behind her that was smelling but because of what we heard about her, we thought it was her. It was after she alerted, the bus was still smelling, the guy that sat close to her then said. This girl no dey smell, dem just dey spoil her name.

We are still deliberating on it, on how cruel people can be.Using social media spoiling people's name by all means. If not that i saw, went very close to her, talked with her, I won’t have believe, if someone had told me it wasn’t true.

As i write this in pain ,i pray God forgive me because i was one of those that spread’s her picture even without confirming what i heard.Is there any way you can help stop this rumour.I think people will be glad to here the truth.

My advise is people should stop spreading rumours when they are not 100% sure. We all will account for our deeds someday. What you sow is what you will reap.

I was told even when she knew it wasn't spiritual attack,she visited some hospitals for future reference,in the process one of the doctors advised her to go and pray because nothing was wrong with her spiritually.

I can help you get her contact from friends,maybe she will open up to you so people can learn from her experiences.I think she is one of those that did not loose their lives due to office wicked drama.

Few months back a man lost his life in shell, he left home, sat on his seat( in his office), that was the last thing he could remember.Things like this happen every day.I like her confidence, despite all this, she does not give a dam. I would have love to meet her in person but she might not open up to me. I think you will be in better position, if not for anything so people will be conscious of cooperate wickedness and not overlook things because education does not change people.
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  1. God,how wicked people can be! I heard this rumour too, if i am not mistaken but couldn't smell anything.God will punish all of you that takes pleasure in spoiling other people's name.


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