‘Restless City’ Wins At Colours of the Nile Filmfest

Andrew Dosunmu’s first feature film, Restless City, was named Best Long Feature Film at the inaugural Colours of the Nile Film Festival, which ran in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from 7-11 November 2012. The Nigerian film also won the award for Best Cinematography at the film festival.

The jury was made up of French/Tunisian filmmaker Karim Dridi; Ethiopian director Solomon BekeleWeya; South African producer Letebele Masemola-Jones; African Screens editor Don Dewale Omope; and Ioana-Frederique Westhoff from the ACP Films Programme.

Praising Restless City for dealing with “a rarely-touched–upon subject” in “the struggles of African migration to the USA,” the jury said, “Told with care and attention to detail, the winning film shows a very high level of originality, high artistic merit, an innovative approach to storytelling and profound cinematographic flair.”

Speaking about the festival as a whole, the jury said, “The choice of films for the inaugural Colours of The Nile International Film Festival 2012, has been a compelling and visually inspiring cinematic feast from every corner of the African continent.”

Following is a list of some of the other winners at the film festival
Best Actor: Kenneth Nkosi in Otelo Burning (South Africa)
Best Actress: Elizabeth Melaku in Scent of a Lemon (Ethiopia)
Best Short Film: Hisab by Ezra Wube (Ethiopia)
Best Documentary Film: Voyage of Hope by Michel K. Zongo (Burkina Faso)
Best Screenplay: The Repentant by Merzak Allouachi (Algeria)
Best Sound: 1Ž2 Revolution by Karim El Hakim and Omar Shargawi (Egypt)
Best Soundtrack:  Otelo Burning by Sara Blecher (South Africa)

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