Girl, 16, Sexually Assaulted Twice In 2 Months

For the second time in two months and shortly after a three-man gang of street urchins popularly called ‘Agbero’ forcefully had canal knowledge of her, Grace Effiong suffered yet another bodily harm from a different set of miscreants recently.

Effiong, 16 years, whose ambition is to gain admission into the University of Lagos, Akoka, Yaba, Lagos to study Accountancy in the new academic session has had her dreams shattered, as she now battles physiological trauma over her latest experience in the hands of the miscreants.

It was gathered that trouble started on Sunday, November 11, 2012, when Effiong was returning from her aunt’s house where she had gone to spend the weekend. It was at about 8:45pm when Effiong reportedly alighted from a commercial bus and made the rest of the journey home on foot. While walking along the Abiodun Street, Somolu down to her house, her mobile telephone rang and she immediately answered the call as she walked along.

While answering the call, it was said that four boys pounced on her. The four boys, Effiong narrated, were well known to her. She identified the four young men as Ogunowo, Jimoh, Lukmon and Amechi (alias Gaba). She claimed that two of the four young men, were friends to Alabi, otherwise called Para, who had forcefully had canal knowledge of her last September.

When she saw the four young men who were known to her, she thought she had nothing to be afraid of, but she was wrong. Just as the four men surged towards her, one of them allegedly slapped her and in the process her phone fell on the road.

“While I was trying to get over the shock of the slap and picking my phone from the ground, one of them shoved me aside and grabbed the phone from me. Immediately one of them got hold of the phone, and they all took to their heels.

“I gave the four men a hot chase, yelling at the top of my voice as I pursued them down the near-deserted street. While I shouted thief! thief!! thief!!! after them, the four men jumped on two parked motorcycles close by and escaped.

“When I sensed danger of the unfolding drama, one of the hoodlums at the back of one of the motorcycles grabbed my clothes and dragged me onto the motorcycle and they sped off to an unknown destination,” Effiong said.
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