24 Hours Party In Spin Club

Lagos is where it’s all happening this holiday season, the  beach-outings, concerts, fashion shows, label and album launches, and people are looking positively fly and on point.

To close all doubts and put a stamp to it that Lagos is definitely the fun destination, we decided to add the final, freshest, most fun and fantastic Party to the mix, sort of like saying “if you are not part of this, u didn’t rock Lagos this season..... It’s the first of its kind, what is to  become the signature Lagos party of the season , the Spin Club’s  24 hour party , yes you heard right, for 24 hours straight (9am- 9am) Lagos will party hard and its every hour on the hour 24 hours ! Awesome.....right?   You bet it is!”

Be a part something fresh, fun, and fantastic. Be part of the first of its kind !
Celebs dropping- in all day and all night 

All on offer:
i.     Good food 
ii.    Water games 
iii.   Small chops &Barbeque
iv.   Videogames
v.    Drinks & Paper cups everywhere
vi.   Football – EPL Matches for the Day !
vii.  Real time social uploads
viii. The Best DJs line up in Town-Back 2 back
ix.  Karaoke
x.   Live performances from the biggest and best
xi.  Live Shout outs on the Beat 99.9 fm
xii. Uber-social beautiful people everywhere
xiii.And the masked night party!

Let’s party like rock stars; it will be an awesome way for awesome people in Lagos to end an awesome year !

Guaranteed to be a Fun, Fantastic experience!
Spin Club’s 24 HOUR House Party,
Venue:@ Lagoon Crest  Admiralty Lekki -phase 1
Saturday 29th December, 9am – 9am (24 hours Straight)
Access fee: Just Come Have an absolutely fantastic time !
Event by:   Spin Club !

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