Whose Fault Is The Fall Of Man?

The fall of man in the Garden of Eden has been blamed on the war of the sexes we all experience today. Are the different cases of divorce and broken marriages linked to this. Blessing Ukemena writes.

Who is to be blamed when a relationship is dissolved? Or when a marriage ends in divorce? The men would blame the women saying they should be more submissive in their approach as that would solve any and every dispute. The woman on the other hand would insist that being too submissive makes the man treat the lady as a door mat.

The majority of female opinion is that a lady should know when to be hard and when to be gentle. But outright gentility is not advised. This has been seen in many relationships where the men seem to prefer to stay with ladies that are tough on them and those that challenge them to be better. I heard a man once cried out loud that women are the problem of the world. So, I thought to seek readers opinion.

I heard of an interesting conversation on the bus while going home from work. It was interesting because this particular conversation was among men only. One of them was one Mr. Amadi who insisted to the hearing of everyone that all women were wicked, including his mother. This comment drew frowns and rebukes from different persons in the bus. He, however, stood his ground, saying that when a woman chooses to be wicked, she can go to the extremes and the resulting effect could be very difficult to recover from.

No doubt, this was because he had recently passed through a testy experience with a woman. Two other men, who vehemently opposed such remark, pointed out to Mr. Amadi that he would not be alive if his mother had decided to abort him, or that she didn’t go the extra mile to ensure his good health while he was a child.

Mr. Amadi then insisted, like so many men had said before, that it was because of Eve’s greed in the Garden of Eden that man fall out of the original plan of God, and why humanity as a whole is passing through so much sufferings. Well... a lot of people may be nodding, but just wait a minute. Mr. Hanusa, one of the person’s opposing the remark by Mr. Amadi asked a question: “Was man not aware of the instruction of God not to eat the fruit of good and evil? Why did he not refuse to eat the fruit, and why did he not ask the woman to put down the fruit as the so-called head?”

Of course, Mr. Amadi could not answer that question; he only said that the man had to listen to the woman because she was given to him as a support. But is that reason enough to disobey God and then blame it on the woman? As I said earlier, this conversation was between men. The ladies in the bus simply kept their peace and listened to the men arguing.

The other man who stood against Mr. Amadi said that men who blame Eve for the fall of man are ignorant and not very responsible in nature. “I know it is the fault of the man that humanity was driven from Eden. As the man, he could have said no, but he agreed to the crime with Eve and then blamed her. Such men exist today who blame everyone in their life for their failure,” he said.

Men and women do have their issues; the war of the sexes has been long and hard with no victory in sight. Many would say that both parties in a relationship bear some part of the blame.

So, I ask you the reader of this page to judge; is it the man or the woman that is to be blamed for the fall of man?
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