Ways To Stay Fabulous

Staying beautiful is essential to the up-warmly mobile lady.Blessing Ukemena writes on how to help keep that make-up on all day, with additional reports from Total Beauty.

Pick a sponge tip eyeshadow brush:
Stress and heat can make you become oily by midday. It cannot only make your hairstyle go flat, but also cause your eyeshadow to either disappear, crease into your fold, or transfer to your lower lids. To keep your eye makeup in place until happy hour, makeup artists say that the secret is not the type of eyeshadow or primer, but your brush.

A fluffy synthetic brush is the most prevalent eyeshadow brushes out there, but they cause shadow to dissipate faster. Try to always use a sponge tip eyeshadow applicator on day to day running around, because the sponge tip grips the shadow pigment better, and presses the pigment onto your skin instead of swishing the pigment.

Wear the right deodorant:
There really is nothing that can ruin your look (and mood) more than sweating through your blouse. A New York dermatologist, Joshua Zeichner, MD, says, "The reason why we sweat is because our glands respond to physical and emotional stresses.

As sweat is produced, it travels to the surface of your skin where bacteria breaks it down and causes bad body odour." To keep feeling and smelling fresh all day, Zeichner recommends looking for an antiperspirant whose primary active ingredient is aluminum, which "physically forms a plug in the sweat glands, blocking sweat."

Apply hairspray before heat-styling:
Does it feel like your curls go limp a second after you walk out the door? Then, you need to try this tip that Florido Basallo, hairstylist at Nine Zero One Salon, swears by. "Spray a light-hold aerosol hairspray all through your hair. Then, scrunch and finger tease your hair to give more body and texture. Then, for added definition, take small sections of hair and wrap it around a one-inch curling iron."
He says applying the hairspray before heat-styling "preps the hair and helps the hair hold its shape."

Spritz your perfume strategically:
For fragrance to last, you want to first make sure that your skin is moisturized. Scent fades faster when your skin is dry. So, you can either apply a fragrance-free moisturizer, or layer your scents by wearing a scented lotion that complements your perfume.

Franco Wright, co-owner of the Scent Bar in Los Angeles, says to choose "a body wash and lotion that will help extend your scent throughout the day." Also, you want to spritz on your pulse points, which are the locations on your body where the blood vessels are closest to the skin.

These areas emanate heat, which will help distribute your fragrance into the air. Spritz on your inner wrists, base of your throat, behind your earlobes, behind your knees, and your inner elbows. And make sure to not rub your inner wrists together, which will "crush" your fragrance and make it fade faster.

Try fun nail art or wear a bright colour:
Looking good and feeling great are about more than just your makeup. It involves your total look, your hands are part of the set up. Wearing nail art is the easiest way to feel good throughout the day. With makeup, clothes, and hair, you have to look at a mirror to look at them. But with nails, you don't need to do anything but stretch out your hands in front of you to see them and be happy.

And unlike clothes and makeup, which come off at the end of the day, your nails are the constant showcases of your style. And the secret to chip-free nails, that don't just last all day but all week long, is getting a gel manicure, or try to always keep them filed and clean and polished. Yes, not easy, but you will feel better when shaking that stranger

Apply foundation everywhere:
Wearing primer to ensure your eye makeup stays put is a given, but celebrity makeup artist Taylor Chang-Babaian, author of Style Eyes, says another less-known tip is to wear foundation on your eyelids as well.

"The best thing you can do is prime your eyelids with foundation – I NEVER miss this step, because it makes all the difference. It cleans up any discoloration on your lids, so shadow colours look true and it makes your makeup last all day long."

Beauty tip
Tightlining is basically when you apply eyeliner in between your eyelashes and underneath the lash line, instead of on top," explains editorial makeup artist Alana Wright. "It gives the appearance of a fuller lash line – the eye appears more alert and striking in an understated way."
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