Rihanna, Chris Brown Collaborate On New Album

It would not be a Rihanna album if it did not get everyone talking.

After collaborating with Chris Brown on two remixes earlier this year - and rekindling a friendship with him following the dissolution of their relationship in 2009 - RiRi’s also revealed that fans will hear him on her new album, as well.

The singer released the official tracklist for her upcoming release, “Unapologetic,” and among collaborations with Future and Eminem is one with Brown. The song, perhaps appropriately titled “Nobodies Business,” will undoubtedly cause many to read it as “nobody’s business.”

Frankly, we’re more anxious to hear what Rihanna cooked up with Eminem, whom she worked with on the hit, “Love The Way You Lie.” What about you?

“Unapologetic” will arrive on November 19.
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