New Movie: Blood or Wine

Blood or Wine is a movie produced by Jim Iyke and Henry Neba Awantoh. It was directed by Neba Lawrence, and it features Jim Iyke, Uche Jombo, Solange Yijika, Epule Jeffrey,Quinta Eyoung-Ashu, Otia Vitalis, Solange Ojong, Barry Luke, and Agbor Magdalene. It is a production of Options Company Limited.

 In the small hilly sleepy but rich town, Limbe; where everyone seems to know what anybody does, Marvin (Jim Iyke)is Danielle’s (Uche Jumbo) dream husband. The excitement ends as he fails to meet targets at his marketing job. She doubles pressure on him to meet her hopes, far above his capacity to be a responsible husband. She refuses to understand his honest communication, or recommend him for alternative income sources. He is also under pressure by his mother’s ill health.

Following counselling from his office colleagues to act like an African man, ‘…throw her out of the house, Jim Iyke meets very caring, Nene (Solange Yijika). By some chance Jim and Uche both consult the same marriage counsellor, Katherine (Quinta Eyoung); who puts them through a stretch. Albeit, unbeknownst to the three, Uche Jumbo suffering under Jim’s observation of counselling is the counsellor’s niece.

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