Joseph Benjamin Opens Up On Marital Status

Until recently, the marital status of award winning actor, Joseph Benjamin had been unclear to many. Few could say for certain if he was married, single, or in a relationship. The actor had always said he was unavailable when asked about his marital status – until last Tuesday (November 20, 2012).

Last Tuesday, during an interview with online radio station, Reel Radio, he revealed that he had two children – a ten year old daughter, and a seven year old son. However, he said that he was no longer in a marriage with the mother of his children. He said that his children are a huge part of his life, but he has kept them away from the public and the press to protect them.

A few days later, he gave another interview to the website, BellaNaija, during which he shed more light on the circumstances surrounding his separation from his wife. He revealed that his wife got pregnant for him out of wedlock, and he married her because he did not want his child born out of wedlock. He said that at the time, he overlooked his personal desires, because of his wish to do the right thing.

He stated further, that he and his wife had issues in their marriage, which had persisted. According to him, they had remained in the marriage because of their kids, but he observed that when parents are not happy, the children suffer. He described his wife as a good woman, but said he could not go on with the union, because its foundations were untrue.

However, some publications seem to have misquoted the actor in their coverage of the story. This upset the actor so much so, that he felt the need to issue a public statement. He did this today (November 26, 2012), via the social networking site, Twitter. Following are his tweets on the issue.

My attention has been drawn to the latest headline about me concerning my marriage…

For d records, thr was never a time I said “I married my wife out of pity”.

Thr’s nowhere I can b quoted as ever saying such. Its ridiculous

There’ve been conflicting reports on my marital status in recent times that it was necessary to finally come out and share the situation.

We have mutual respect for each other. We are not enemies, and we will work through this.

It is a separation, not death. And as far as there is life, there is hope, faith and courage.

For those who have been of great support, I want to thank you so very much.

And if we have to take legal actions, we will. Just so these unfounded lies do not eat into the fabric of what we are hoping to address.
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