Uru Eke To Feature On CNN Inside Africa

Talented, fast-rising Nollywood actress, Uru Eke will be featured in a documentary on Nollywood, on CNN’s Inside Africa this weekend. In an interview with CNN International Lagos correspondent, Vladamir Duthiers, Uru talks about Nollywood and her journey so far – and what a journey it’s been!

Born and raised in England, Uru has had a fierce love for the Arts and has the acting chops to prove it. A natural actress, she has been making waves in Nollywood with her exceptional performances in movies such as Forgive Me Father, Return of Ogidi , Save the Prince,  The Gift, Timeless Passion, Last Flight to Abuja and the soap Catwalq to name a few. She also acted in the soon-to-be released big budget movie, Weekend Getaway. Her work has not gone unnoticed as she was nominated last year at the Best of Nollywood (BON) Awards 2011 for Best Upcoming Actress.

The interview was shot in the exquisite showroom of Lagos fashion designer Lola Majekododunmi of the House of Dorcas of which Uru is a brand ambassador. Catch her as she chats about her experiences, challenges in the industry and what Nollywood means to her on this week’s edition of CNN’s Inside Africa hosted by Errol Barnett. Viewing times are Friday 17.30hrs (WAT) with repeats on Sat: 11.30hrs, 18.30hrs, Sun: 04.30hrs, Mon: 05.30hrs and Wed: 08.30hrs.
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