Trailer Killed 3 F.C.E Students Osiele, Abeokuta

Three students of the Federal College of Education, Osiele, lost their lives around 4pm on Fri 3 August, 2012 on the Abeokuta-Ibadan Expressway, after a trailer smashed into a stationery bus some students were in, killing one. The other two that died were students waiting by the School gate when the accident occurred.

 According to the students, this is the sixth time a trailer-caused accident will be happening in 2012 alone at the College gate.

 After the accident, F.C.E students took laws into their hands, walking en masse from the School gate down to Eleweran burning tyres and chorusing that the State Government must do something about it. Lives are not valued here in this part of the world.

It has been discovered that these heavy duty vehicles don't slow down, instead speed through major junctions and bus stops. Especially in this case, a major bus stop, close to the Osiele Market- a major market for Obantoko/Osiele Residents.

Policies or laws should be made concerning these Heavy duty Vehicles, their movement should be restricted to Midnight period and not day time when pupils, students, indigenes and Older men and women are crossing the road or standing by the roadside/bus stop.
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