Pop Artistes With New Stage Names

The wind of change has at last caught up with raves of the moment, Sauce Kid and Wizkid. A few months ago, Babalola Fagbeni discarded the pseudonym ‘Sauce Kid’ for ‘Sinzu SMG’ because he felt too mature to be addressed as a ‘kid.’

The initials SMG stand for ‘Something Must Garner.’ The new stage name was promptly made to reflect on all his new works.

Similarly, Ayo Balogun, aka Wizkid, now wants to be known as simply ‘Wiz.’ “I am no longer a kid. At 23, I am now a grown-up man with responsibilities,” he says.

The artistes are following in the footsteps of Nigga Raw. About three years ago, the Igbo rapper, who delivers his rhymes in thickly accented English, set the pace by changing his alias to ‘Raw.’
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