New Movie: Mystery Beads Coming Soon

Work will soon begin on Mystery Beads, a film produced by Egor Efiok, and which will be directed by Frank Adekunle Macaulay. It will star Emeke Amene and Jackie Appiah. Rhe movie will also feature  Anthony Monjaro, Julian Nnadi, Ime Bishop Umoh, Davies Bassey, Frederick Leonard, and Belinda Effah.

Emeka (Emeka Amene) was born and raised in the US. His Ibibio mum, died under mysterious circumstances while giving birth to him, so he was raised by his father, Mr Chukwu (Shedrach Nwora), and his white US step-mum. He is studying African History at the University of Arizona and part of his course requires him to go to an African University on a one year exchange programme. During the course of his research online, he meets Jackie (Jackie Appiah), a History student from the University of Calabar. They bond, flirt and chat a lot on Skype and inevitably fall in love.

One day, Jackie tells him about a bi-sexual chick at her University called, Timma (singer, G-lory), who was always making passes at her. She went on to state that about a fortnight ago, Timma cornered her in the ladies room at a fast food joint. She noticed beads on Timma’s waist and in order to dissuade Timmas’ amorous advances, told her that if she gave her the beads only then would she sleep with her; to her surprise, Timma took the beads off her waist and promptly put them around Jackie’s waist.

Emeka is intrigued and asks to see the beads via webcam. Jackie shows him the beads and says that she loves them and has resolved never to take them off. Unknown to Jackie, recent US returnee, Effiom (Julian Nnadi), the delinquent son of an exorcist, Mr Henshaw (Anthony Monjaro), had earlier stolen the beads from a museum. The beads belongs to Adidi Ata Ebua (a water goddess). To worsen matters, Adidi Ata Ebua has a grudge against the Henshaw family, which dates back to the previous century.

Emeka decides that Unical is where he is going on his exchange programme. What he did not bargain for was that the seemingly harmless beads that Jackie was wearing on her waist, had a deadly attachment to it. Jackie is in trouble and she doesn’t even know it…
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