How My Driver Ran Away With My Camry Car - From A Lib Reader

Yes, another Camry car! Jeez! Below is a mail I got from a LIB reader...
Dear Linda, will like you to publish a story of my missing car/picture of my missing car and driver. Its not really about the car (2007 Camry SE with plate no LAGOS CB 520 AGL). It could have been worse. I took this man Mr Ayu Nurudeen, (a Ghanaian) my driver in. Gave him accommodation and feeding. I even bought his praying jalabia because he's muslim and fasting and still he ran away with my car. I have sent this man to the bank with huge sums of money and he never took it. I guess all these were in preparation for his big move. He even got asoebi for my traditional wedding last month.
However, On the 30th of july, we went to corporate affairs commission (CAC) yaba. As you know, its hard to find parking in yaba so he dropped me at the entrance and went to find parking. We go to CAC weekly so I knew the places he would usually park. On this day, I got to cac at about 2pm. Around 2.30pm I called him to come and pick me up as I was done. He answered" madame am coming". This my driver is still coming till now. At first I was worried that maybe LASTMA had carried him or he was involved in an accident, I walked to the two nearby police stations and accident units but no record of my driver or car. It wasn't till 5pm that I realised this isn't any mistake or accident that my driver had gone away with my. I had my handbag and wallet all in the car. I had no money with me. I had to find my way home.

 When I got home. My cook discovered that my drivers suitcase and the cooks dvd were missing. He had packed his things before that day.

 We have reported to the police but we are yet to get any response. This is a picture of my driver and the missing camry.
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