Eyewitnesses Accuse LASTMA Of Framing Female Banker

Some eyewitnesses on Monday insisted that a female banker, Yinka Johnson, accused of crushing an official of the Lagos State Traffic Management Agency, was not culpable.

Detectives attached to the Homicide Section of the State Criminal Investigation visited the crime scene on Monday for an on-the-spot assessment.

But as soon as the team arrived, scores of eyewitnesses told the detectives, led by Mr. Solomon Ogochukwu, that the LASTMA official was crushed by a commercial bus driver while he was attempting to cross the road.

One of the witnesses, Simon Eze, said, “The banker was driving against traffic and was attempting to navigate to the other side of the road when she was accosted by LASTMA officials.

“The lady pleaded with them but they were adamant. Even one man in a red car alighted from his vehicle to plead with them but the officials refused and went to get a towing vehicle.

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