A Man Sentenced To Death For Killing Okada Rider

An Owerri High Court has sentenced Mr. Reginald Madujibeya, to death, for murdering 37-year-old commercial motorcycle operator, Sylvester Anaele.

Anaele was said to have been murdered in his home, Okwu Amaeze, Obibiezena, Owerri North Local Government Area of Imo State.

Justice Nonyerem Okoronkwo, while delivering judgment in suit number HOW/15c/2009, however discharged and acquitted Madujibeya’s alleged accomplice, Mr. Akujuobi Okere.

Recounting the submissions, Justice Okoronkwo said the deceased had severally complained that he was very uncomfortable with the sale, consumption and smell of Indian hemp near his house.

According to the Judge, the prosecution called seven witnesses and contended that the several lacerations on the deceased’s body could not have arisen from mere swinging of a machet as claimed by Madujibeya.

“I agree with the prosecution that the first accused (Madujibeya) was on a well planned and murderous mission and gave the deceased seveal cuts in very vital parts of his body”, Okoronkwo said.

Continuing, the Judge said “the more credible version, which I am inclined to believe, is that after the initial fight over the smoking of Indian hemp around his house, the first accused went home, brought a knife and laid ambush for the deceased”.

The court disbelieved Madujibeya’s story that he was acting in self defence, stressing that “evidence has clearly shown that the first accused was on a murderous mission and clinically executed it. I find you guilty as charged. You are to be hanged on your neck until you be dead.”
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