SSS Parades Ritualist In Abuja Caught With Human Head

FCT Command of the State Security paraded two ritualist John Yakubu and Ishaya Dakulung who killed and beheaded a seven year old boy Samu Danjuma for Ritual Purpose. John Yakubu said the victim who is the son of the his neighbor was drowned in a river before he beheaded the vicitm. Ishaya Dakulung role was to get buyers for the head of the boy and he was promised Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira. The SSS says its investigation is ongoing to unravel all the syndicates involved in the business. I hope parents are seeing this. 

What about the Ladies?
You want a boyfriend that has cars & money.
See how some make their money.

Where are the religious & traditional rulers?
See how some people get money they throw around on you & you even bless them.

Only God knows how many more they may have done and escaped. Another reason why you should be extra- careful wherever you go.
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