Kokomaster, D’Banj Plays Lord At Naeto C Wedding

Kokomaster, D’Banj is a man known for his swagger and one who likes to drive home just how much he is worth or how he is supposed to be seen. He is a showman who rubs it in when he can help it. At Naeto C wedding on Saturday the talented singer took centre stage of attention, even over-shadowing former President Olusegun Obasanjo.

The razzmatazz at the wedding was top draw and it seemed everybody was a bit too important to notice anybody but the singer would not have that as he drove attention to himself. When he drove in to the church drive-way with his entourage and hangers-on and it appeared he wasn’t getting the star treatment the Kokomaster held up the line of traffic making their way into the venue. He stayed well over 30 minutes in his automobile until another singer, Ikechukwu had to come and get him inside.

Even Baba didn’t hold up matters that long. Baba only took just about 5 minutes to make his entry and it was Wale Babalakin who came to usher him in and when his security details were unpleasant towards journalists trying to have a word with the former number one citizen he didn’t waste time in rebuking them “leave them alone they are doing their job”

D’Banj’s larger than life image at the event was all too glaring and it is not so much a surprise when the gist was let loose that it was him who presented the couple with N11 million Porsche Cayenne. While some say it is Larry Onuegbu, Auto Lounge owner, who a source say was a close friend of Naeto C’s sister, who gave out the car.
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