From A Load Carrier To DJ: DJ Humility’s Grass To Grace Story

Benedict Afagwu, otherwise known as DJ Humility, is one of Nigeria’s most prominent Disc Jockeys.

But unknown to many, the bulky Delta State born dude who grew up as a barrack boy was once a bus conductor and a load carrier (‘Alabaru’).

Despite the high level discipline handed down the children of the house by his police father, DJ Humility was a first class truant and an unrepentant stubborn child who gave his mother headache.

Narrating the story of the DJ’s story is no other person than the woman who saw it all, Mrs Agfagwu, his mother.

Recalling the bulky DJ’s childhood days, Mama Ben as she is more fondly called, says the itinerant nature of the patriarch’s job left the six kids in her care.

“He is my first child and I tried to bring my children up in the way of the lord but Ben was especially stubborn. He was a thorn in my flesh. There was nothing he didn’t do because of his independent nature.

Things got worse when his father and I had to fend for the family all alone with no support from any quarter. Ben was so stubborn that he ran away from home to become a conductor.

While trying to deal with that, he then became an ‘Alabaru’ (Carrier) in the market. This really did hurt as he was the first child and his younger ones were looking up to him.”

But thank God, she says, he has turned out well.
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