Woman seeks divorce because of bread, tea…

A man has told a Shariah Court in Takai Local Government Area of Kano State that his wife, Malama Uwani, was seeking to divorce him because he cannot offer her the kind of breakfast she desires.

The man, Ubaliyo Takai, who said he married his wife only two months ago, said that he could not meet her demand for tea and bread as breakfast everyday instead of cooked guinea corn.

Ubaliyo told the court on Friday that though he changed the cooked guinea corn meal to a diet of eight tubers of cassava a day, his wife still insisted on leaving him.

The husband, however, informed the court that he was still interested in the marriage.

He also denied claims by his wife that he only feeds her once a day.

The wife had earlier pleaded with the court to dissolve the marriage on the grounds that her husband was not adequately feeding her.

However, the Shariah Court judge, Malam Auwalu Bashir, advised the couple to settle their differences amicably.

Following the judge’s advice, the couple settled the dispute before they left the court together to the amazement of the audience.
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  1. Food is not the problem.. they did not come to court to tell the real issue…bread and tea was a mask..


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