Who killed Dr. Adegboyega? Is it patient's husband or what?

Dr. Adegboyega was killed three days after a woman (names withheld) died in his hospital after childbirth due to complications. Relatives of the dead woman, including the husband, were said to have threatened to “deal with” the doctor.

Why the yet unidentified gunmen shot Adegboyega has not been ascertained, but reactions in discordant tunes have been following his demise.

 Some residents of the area are suspecting the husband of the woman who died in his hospital, claiming the man had threatened to deal with the late doctor a day before he was shot. But a resident of the area who claimed to be close to the deceased woman’s husband, said what happened could have been a coincidence. The man, who did not want his name in print, said his friend could not even hurt a fly. He said the woman’s husband was only expressing his anger by merely threatening to deal with the deceased doctor.

We should always be careful with what we say, it might get us into trouble.

But the investigation still on...
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