WAEC lift still at danger state

The West African Examinations Council, Yaba, Lagos, has yet to repair its collapsed lift, which killed a member of the National Union of Local Government Employees, identified simply as Fatai on March 28.

This is in spite of protests by Nigerians, particularly members of the NULGE. Nigerians are however irked by the insensitivity of WAEC to the danger the lift poses, particularly to youths who visit the place on a daily basis.

Fatai, a father of three, had fallen off the malfunctioning lift and got crushed by its shaft when he went to the WAEC office.

When visited the examination body’s headquarters where the incident happened on Tuesday, the lift had been shut down but was still in a state of disrepair.

To stop visitors from using the lift, red and white ribbons were tied against its door.
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