Somalia theatre bombing kills top sports officials

There is shock and anger in Mogadishu following the explosion at the Somali national theatre - a little more than two weeks after it was re-opened with great fanfare. The prime minister was addressing the crowd of about 300 high-profile guests gathered to celebrate a year since the government-owned TV station took to the air - meant to be yet another milestone in Somalia's slow return to peace.

But scenes of chaos ensued when a blast ripped through seats. The rescue effort was haphazard and some wounded journalists say they were left to organise their own lifts to hospital.

Police say initial investigations point to a female suicide bomber as being behind the explosion, but the Islamist group al-Shabab said it had planted a device at the theatre ahead of the event, which was announced on television on Tuesday night.

All guests were thoroughly frisked as they entered the theatre, so suspicions are growing that it may have been an inside job. It has also prompted people to question why officials would publicise the event when the government is unable to guarantee security - even for its own prime minister.

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