She carted away all my business documents, my Toyota Sienna car & a cash sum of N270,000, she want me useless

A 47-year-old contractor, Andrew Amonu, told to an Oshodi Grade ‘B’ Customary Court, Lagos, on Wednesday how his estranged wife, Ada, tricked him and forcibly took over his business ventures.

Andrew said Ada used one of her numerous boyfriends- a military officer- to publicly assault and threaten him to stay clear of his three pharmaceutical stores which he said were worth over N11m.

Andrew, who described Ada as an unfaithful wife, said he started the pharmaceutical business in 2001 and entrusted her with it, with a view to getting more sources of finance for the family.

Ada had approached the court seeking divorce on the grounds that Andrew was irresponsible and that he picked up quarrels with her on trivial issues.

Andrew said, “I got married to her at a time when she was working as a cleaner.  I wasn’t satisfied with her work and so I established the pharmaceutical business and asked her to oversee it.

“My wife is such an unfaithful and dubious woman. In fact, she is an ingrate. I have lived with her with all sincerity of heart and entrusted my life to her.

“But it’s unfortunate that my wife I have entrusted my life to will betray me. She has forcibly taken over control of the business.

“She sent the military officer she is befriending together with the officer’s foot soldiers after me, ordering me to forget about the ownership of the business which I suffered and sweated to establish.”

Andrew said he dared not go to the headquarters of the business situated at the mammy market in Ikeja Cantonment due to the threat he had received from the military officer.

He said, “For the past 13 months, I have not known how the business is being run. She and her siblings are the ones enjoying the fruit of my long years of labour.

“When she left our matrimonial home, she carted away all my business documents, my Toyota Sienna car and a cash sum of N270,000. It seems as if she just wants to render me useless.

“I have made frantic efforts to reconcile with her at least for the sake of the children but to no avail. It seems as if she is bent on getting the divorce and take over all my property.”

Andrew added that since the marriage had broken down irretrievably, the court should go ahead and grant her wife’s prayer for the divorce.

The marriage which was consumated in 2001 is blessed with four children.

The president of the court, Mrs. A. I. Olorunnimbe, has adjourned the case till May 9 for further hearing.
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