Northern govs lament Easter Day tragedies, console victims’ families: When would this stop???

The Northern States Governors Forum (NSGF) has lamented the Easter day tragedies resulting from the suicide bomb attack that claimed 36 persons in Kaduna and the death of 22 others, who lost their lives in Makurdi when a church building collapsed on worshippers during Easter vigil mass.

 Governor of Niger State and Chairman of the forum, Dr Muíazu Babangida Aliyu also expressed shock at the death of Christian worshippers, who lost their lives following the collapse of walls of the retreat camp at the Deeper Life Bible Church, Eyenke in Kwara State.

Hmm! I just want to add this, if it were to be their families, something will be done sooner. These governors are all useless including the FG....and please Christians come out of the hell you call north and safe yourselves.

The killings is unbearable.
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