Mr. Ideal Nigeria 2012: The Search Begins

On the 9th of June , 2012, we would be saying goodbye to Ayotunde Ajiboye of Kwara state as Nigeria’s Mr Ideal and welcoming a new Mr Ideal Nigeria at the prestigious Spicery Hotel, Oniru Estate Lagos.

 This year, there are 37 finalists including Mr Ideal FCT! And we will be seeing Akwa Ibom , Yobe and Plateau states debut in the competition this year. August 2011 saw the start of the search for Mr Ideal Nigeria representatives starting with Niger state and since then 25 states pageants have been held! And these have all added to the anticipation of the pageant this year!

 Mr Ideal Nigeria is the search for Nigeria’s perfect man,  a Mr ideal that is a unique combination of a fit body tone and an entrepreneurial mind ! Hence he gets to start his own business and also will be representing Nigeria at the Mister Earth worldwide pageant this year. The reigning Mr Ideal Nigeria , Ayotunde Ajiboye who just returned from his trip to India is CEO of Clipse Entertainment and has produced two artists since he became the title holder.

 The online voting kicks off on the 1st of May at Mridealnigeria.Com , and the preliminary judging will be held on the 5th of June. A combination of these will determine who makes it into the top 16 of this years’ pageant and on the grand finale on the 9th of June, the contestants will compete in beach wear, evening suits and the finals question.

 Ayotunde Fabamwo , president of the Mr Ideal Nigeria says ‘2012 is the best line up we have had in years and we promise an electrifying show! The Mr Ideal Nigeria is committed to empowering young men, we are not selling a dream, we are building a future for the young men who are contesting in our pageant. We are confident that the new Mr Ideal Nigeria will benefit the country and will move us all a step closer toward building a greater Nigeria’

In light of all the violence that has been happening in the country, this year the pageant will be raising money for Project friendship Initiative, a NGO that helps to promote peace in the country. He will also go on to be the ambassador to Goge Foundation which is run b Goge Africa TV.

  The Mr Ideal Nigeria was first held in Akure in the year 2010, and Mr Kwara have won both the 2010 and 2011 edition , this year maybe we will see a shake up or will Kwara state still hold the title? We will find out soon! Check out the Contestants at Mridealnigeria.Com and also FB Mr Ideal Nigeria 2012. State Finalists
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