African Magic stop showing Nollywood Movies - FVPMAN

As the quest to strengthen the Nigerian movie industry intensifies, industry patrons are taking steps to ensure that investments bring maximum returns. The Film and Video producers and Marketers’ Association of Nigeria (FVPMAN) with the consent of the various Nollywood guilds and associations has resolved to ban the airing of movies produced under their bodies on Nigerian televisions be it cable or terrestrial.

The associations declared that from May 1, 2012, movies released through the association’s channel shall be barred from all broadcast stations and movies signed on to the stations by its producers will not be distributed through their network.

Mr. Norbert Ajaegbu, the chairman of FVPAM said this resolution is born out of the economic consequences arising from the proliferation of these films on television stations in the country.

Nigerians no longer buy Nollywood movies because they now spend more time on Facebook and twitter,and dont have time buying movies with bad story lines, besides DSTV can start showing Ghanaian movies they are much better in terms of content.
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