12-year-old boy’s penis was cuts off...

This world is wicked. One can never imagine the kind of pain the young boy going through when his penis is being cuts off.

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It was a day of horror. And even now, the people of Mararaba Liman Katagum in Bauchi Local Government area of Bauchi State still shudder in utter shock and disbelief. A resident of the area recently sliced off the manhood of Ayuba Halilu, a 12-year-old boy. The suspect is one Tukur Illiyasu, 25.

 Tukur was alleged to have cut off little Ayuba’s penis and disappeared with the organ after begging the boy to accompany him to the bush in the village to fetch firewood.
 The boy, who was also slashed in the throat by Tukur, miraculously survived the ordeal after being hospitalised for nearly three months.

 Now that the boy is left without a penis, Ayuba’s family is not happy with the police for what they termed as the law enforcement agency’s nonchalant attitude towards the inhuman act.
 They indeed expressed concern that the police did not obtain any statement since the incident occurred on Januray 3. The family also observed that that the police are not making enough efforts to arrest Tukur who has since fled the area.

 When our correspondent visited their home in Mararaban Liman Katagum, the sadness that enveloped the family was palpable. While Ayuba’ s mother wept uncontrollably, his father, Malam Halilu Liman could hardly restrain himself from getting emotional.
 The sad fate that befell the Liman family is obviously shared by the entire community as they all condemned Tukur’s action and implored the police to bring Tukur to book.

 They are appealing to the state governor, Isa Yuguda to intervene to ensure justice is done quickly. They are also calling on well-meaning Nigerians to come to Ayuba’s aid to save the boy’s future.
 Narrating what happened, Ayuba told Daily Sun that he was at home when Tukur, a well-known person to the family, called him to accompany him to the bush to fetch firewood.

 The boy said they were going quietly when something inexplicable happened to him and he went blank. According to him, when he came to, he found himself in deep pains. His penis was gone and he felt pains on his throat.
 Ayuba surmounted the strength left in him and managed to run back to the village to tell his story.
 His father, who travelled to Nabordo on that fateful day, continued the story.
 Halilu told Daily Sun that Tukur came to the family house in Mararaba Liman Katagum where the boy was and asked him to go with him to the bush to fetch firewood.

 He said: “The distance between the bush and the Mararaba Liman Katagum community is about one and a half kilometres.
 “On their arrival in the bush, Ayuba stepped on a thorn and requested Tukur to remove the torn from his foot. But on approaching the boy, he removed a very sharp object and cut his throat as well as his private part.”
 Ayuba who is still recuperating at home, said he started crying for help in Fulfude language, asking the older man why he had brought him to the bush in order to kill him.

 Daily Sun learnt that Tukur, thinking that Ayuba might be dead, took to his heels to an unknown destination leaving the boy in the pool of his blood.
 Ayuba’s cry for help were futile and due to the severity of the pain, he went into a coma for quite some time before regaining consciousness. He eventually made his way to Mararaba Liman Katagum.

 The boy was sighted by some villagers who saw his terrible condition and assisted him to his father’s house. When they took Ayuba home, his father was not at home. The attention of the village head and other community leaders was drawn and the boy narrated what happened.
 “That day I travelled to Nabordo and when I returned home and saw the condition of my son and what happened, I could not help crying. It was too much for me to bear,” Ayuba’s father, Halilu, said.
 The father and some elders of the community reported the incident at the Yalwa police station, and the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) immediately assigned a police constable to convey Ayuba to the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Teaching Hospital, Bauchi along with some of his family members, including his father.

 After the doctors treated Ayuba and examined his condition, his father was advised to take his son to the Federal Medical Centre, Gombe where he has been hospitalised since January.
 Halilu said: “I have spent over N168, 000 for the treatment of my son. It has not been easy for us.”
 It was learnt that the father of Tukur, the man who allegedly cut off Ayuba’s penis, has been invited by the police.
 “The DPO sent for the father of Tukur who resides in Sabon Garin near Kundat village in Duguri district of Alkaleri Local Government area. His father was ordered by the DPO to bring his son since January, but up till now he has not produced his son to the police,” Halilu said.

 Ayuba’s family as well as residents of Mararaban Liman Katagum have expressed their reservations with the attitude of the DPO since the incident happened.
 They lamented that no policeman interviewed or obtained statement from the victim or the father since the incident.
 They are also not happy that since the boy was admitted at the hospital, no policeman had visited Ayuba who was receiving treatment on his sick bed at the Federal Medical Centre, Gombe.

 They expressed their grievances against the police in a petition addressed to the governor and signed by one of the residents (names withheld) who is also an aide to the governor. It was entitled REPORT OF ATTEMPTED MURDER AGAINST TUKUR ILLIYASU OF MARARABAN LIMAN KATAGUM ZUNGUR DISTRICT OF BAUCHI LOCAL GOVERNEMNT AREA. It read in part: “Your Excellency, this is a case of attempted murder which carries life imprisonment after conviction at the high court.

 “This case is supposed to be transferred to the homicide section of the state CID. I suspect foul play by the DPO and the culprit’s father who is a cattle rearer. When the incident occurred, nobody from the culprit’s household visited the victim or his family.
 The intervention of the office of the Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice is needed to handle the matter. The Director of security and myself went to Gombe several times to see the condition of the victim and also his parents in Mararraba.”
 Ayuba was discharged from the Federal Medical Centre in Gombe on March 20 and is being cared for by his parents at their home in Liman Katagum.
 The family is contemplating what the future holds for their young son who has been deprived of his manhood.
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