Wizkid and I are not rivals – Davido

It’s unforgivable if you are a club regular and you don’t know the wonder boy Davido that brought us Dami duro. He is a super talented songwriter and singer who is still reeling from his impact with lime light. Yet, many industry watchers insist that his coming at this time is deliberate; possibly strategic, to counter a monopoly currently being enjoyed by the reigning young artist – Wizkid.

Davido according to the look of these comparisons has chased Wizkid into his class of fame, money and perhaps women. Their music race along the same genre. They both have well developed penning skills that leaves them twisting yoruba words beautifully together before sprinkling them most creatively down their song lines.

Like Wizkid, Davido has gotten his own fair share of controversies especially as it concerns love and women. A case is the ‘bad girl picture gone viral’ which many say had further helped push the young singer into the face of the media.

Yet each time Davido is confronted with this question from entertainment journalists and blogs, his answer is a firm No. In his words “There is no competition between me and Wizkid. I’m actually with him most of the time. We sometimes talk about it, laugh about it; we go on twitter and look at blogs.

I don’t know why people weigh us together. I don’t believe in turn by turn; Why can’ Wizkid have a number one song in Abuja and I have another one in Port Harcourt or somewhere else and everyone carries it together; no competition as such. I see him as a colleague, maybe if I didn’t know him personally; but I do. We are even planning some things together, so cool.”

It’s a reply many have taken with a pinch of salt. Already, there is inside talk that an album is in the cooking for the young celebrity which will be unveiled at a mind blowing event similar to the one held for Wizkid at his superstar album launch last year at the Expo hall of the Eko Hotel and suites in Lagos. There will be series of collaborations which will be featured strongly in the album. One of which should be with Wizkid himself.

Call it a test of might but this is one unconscious rivalry, everyone one in the business of entertainment reporting anxiously waits to see if it eventually unfolds.
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  1. why do the press constantly want to bring up rivalries which do not exist into the open, causing a cacophony of rumors here and there. this aint good. turning good friends into enemies. chei.


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