Stella Damasus New Face of AMVICTORIOUS USA in AFRICA | AMVICTORIOUS AFRICA Fashion Show Launch At The Wed expo March 24th 2012

The Vp of International Logistics Mr. Edgar Dominguez was in Lagos March 21st at NOON to signs the manufacturing of the fashion label deal "SDA Collection" with Stella Damasus and to officially brand her as the New Face of AMVICTORIOUS USA in AFRICA. Please Be on the Lookout for SDA Collections.

AMVICTORIOUS is a Houston Texas-based fashion label company who creates unique, one-of-a kind American-made lifestyle products for BRIDES, BABIES, PLUS, LIFESTYLE, MEN, WOMEN, CUSTOM DENIM, CUSTOM CROCHET, FASHION & HOMES 

Photos of when the contract was sealed...

Stella Damasus is a proud African woman of humble origins who celebrates the achievements of African Women around the world. She first appeared in the Nigerian film “Abused” in 1992 and has starred in over 55 movies.

AMVICTORIOUS  AFRICA Fashion Show Launch At The Wed expo March 24th 2012 @ 2pm At The Haven Ikeja
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