Society reporter turns stripper at night...

​Like a lot of people these days, Sarah Tressler holds down a couple jobs. By day, she reports on some of the most prominent citizens in Houston as the society reporter for the Houston Chronicle. At night, she bares all as a stripper. It's "His Girl Friday" meets "Striptease" -- though Tressler doesn't do much to conceal her identity, maintaining a blog called "Diary of an Angry Stripper," a Facebook page and a Twitter account. Tressler's prudish colleagues are apparently fuming that she "flaunts" her "stripper money" and believe she is using the paper as "fodder for a future roman a clef."
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  1. You can call her what you want, but she's just making a living.. GOOD FOR HER****

  2. Yes, she should be able to keep both jobs.

    IF - in her nightime job, people are willing to pay to see her.

    IF - in her day job, she can continue to have access to the people she covers and get the stories required of her job.


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