Putting 7-year-old on a diet: Responsible, or reprehensible?

Jezebel.com calls Weiss’s piece “the Worst Vogue Article Ever.”

Dara-Lynn Weiss admits it: She’s had issues with food her whole life. You name the diet, she’s tried it.

So perhaps it’s not surprising that Weiss sprang into action when the pediatrician told her “we needed to do something” about her 6-year-old daughter’s weight.

Weiss writes, “the achievement is bittersweet. When I ask her if she likes how she looks now, if she’s proud of what she’s accomplished, she says yes…Even so, the person she used to be still weighs on her. Tears of pain fill her eyes as she reflects on her yearlong journey.”

A 7 year old CHILD "reflects on her yearlong journey"?

A 7 year old CHILD is weighed down by the person "she used to be"?

What happened to letting CHILDREN be CHILDREN?

Source: today.msnbc.msn.com

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  1. Its perfectly fine to put your kid on a diet if they have a weight problem. I'm not too sure about the public and private ridicule though. However, if the girl is demanding both cookies and cake at a party, it leaves little choice but to have a public discussion about it. I think with children you do have to be careful about the methods, but getting a child to drop sweets and exercise more is actually a GOOD thing!

  2. Kids will understand why junk food is bad. Explain it to them. Show the pictures of fat and healthy people. Show them te diseases they can get if they become obese and inactive. They will understand.


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