People erroneously believe I’m a bad girl – Liz Anjorin

Movie actress Elizabeth Anjorin speaks with ’NONYE BEN-NWANKWO about her career and her estranged relationship with Iyabo Ojo, a fellow actress

Life as an only child

When I was growing up, life was fun. But at a point in my life, I discovered that it was not all that exciting. It was worse when my parents died, leaving only me behind. I felt empty. If I had siblings, I would argue and play with them. But when I lost my parents, and as an only child, I began to see the other side of life. That was when I discovered those who truly loved me. I miss my parents and those who would have been my siblings. My dad died in 2007. I’m trying to do something about my parents’ burial. I just lost my mother late last year. I want to perform the final burial rites for both of them soon. I’m their only child. Now I’m an orphan. I leave everything to God. That is why I’m celebrating their lives. People think I would have limitations since I was an only child. I want to prove them wrong. I also want to tell them that being a woman does not undermine my capabilities. I’m inviting top musicians to the burial. My colleagues in the movie industry will also be there, even those living abroad.

My new movie

I have a new movie entitled, Kofo Tinubu. I had to do something about the physically-challenged people. They have been totally left out of the society. Some parents don’t even want to be identified with their kids who are physically-challenged and so they lock them indoors. Every child is from God. If a child is an imbecile or he is deaf and dumb, it doesn’t mean that he will not make it in life. We all have our challenges. It mustn’t be physical. Some of us have worse challenges. So, we shouldn’t feel that physically-challenged people should be removed from the society. That is basically what the story line is all about. I played the role of the physically challenged. It was very tasking. Many actors appeared in the movie, including Olumide Bakare, Baba Latin and Elesho. The movie is a comedy, but it has a message. This is my fifth movie. I produce one movie in a year. I love doing stories that have messages.

Coping with challenges in Nollywood

I have never relented, not even once. I believe so much in myself. I do a lot of things and I always make sure that I am successful in everything I do. Some people know me as an actress and others know me as an interior decorator or wine seller. But whatever I do, I always put in my best. I know some scandals have been associated with me. Because of what people have written about me, some people don’t even know that I am a very cool-headed person.

My assets

If you say that I’m one of the rich Yoruba actresses in the movie industry, I can only thank God for it. I’m not doing anything illegal. I don’t go out of my way to make money through immoral means. But as I told you, acting is not the only thing I do. I import wines and I’m a decorator. I supply stuff. This should make me comfortable. Apart from film acting, I run six businesses. You should understand that one can do better in the movie industry only when one has some money. It is not all about moving from one film location to another. I started doing business when I was very little. My mum used to tell me to work hard, as if she knew she was going to die. She always encouraged me to do something worthwhile. I’m from Badagry and you know my people love to do business. My business can never clash with my acting career. I make hay while the sun shines. Everything is about time and how you manage it. When I get married, I may not have the time to run around. So I want to use this time and run around and do the things I know that I will not be able to do when I start a family.


How can I belong to a clique and bear funny names?  The last time I heard of a group with a funny name was when I was still in the university. There, some girls were calling themselves members of the Black Bra. Now you are saying that there is a group of ladies in the movie industry known as Pink Ladies, I have never heard of the group and I am not a part of it. I don’t belong to any clique or caucus, except the Association of Theatre Arts Practitioners. That the clique I belong.  Whatever you are will sell you to the world. You cannot be like me and I cannot be like you. It is all about destiny. I always do my best for myself and for my fans. I don’t smoke and I don’t drink, but you need to see the way I smoke cigarette in the movies. People believe I am a bad girl. I am not one at all. You can see my daughter. I take care of my family. And I train them well.

My relationship with Iyabo Ojo

I don’t want to talk about Iyabo Ojo. That matter is stale and this is 2012. If you ever catch me talking about her, do what you like to me. How could I have fought her over a man? It was the same old ‘aunty’ issue that caused the problem between both of us. She said I should be calling her ‘Aunty’ and I refused. I’m older than some people in the movie industry, but I don’t think I ought to fight them because they don’t call me ‘aunty.’ This thing happened a few years ago. She is not my friend, I don’t know her, and we don’t talk to each other. One late producer casted both of us in a movie before he died. She was busy abusing me. I didn’t even say a word. If I had said something, it would have turned to another thing. The only person I can fight is somebody who wants to stop me from doing my business or acting. How can I fight with somebody who cannot feed or clothe me? She is not an issue. I want to perform my parents’ final burial rites and not talk about nonentities.


I only have to thank God for them. I started winning awards when I was still in the university.   I was the best actress of the year at the Top Celebrity Awards event.


I will let you know when I’m getting married. Do you want me to tell you so that you will tell the whole world?  Do you want me to tell you that I’m a virgin? There is a man in my life, but I don’t want to talk about him. The father of my daughter is dead. So, I will get married one day.

Future aspirations

I will leave that to God. But I’m hoping for good. You know what I can do. I know everything will be great and will unfold in God’s time.
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