Oneal Morris injected women with Fix-a-Flat and cement for buttock-enhancement - Women balaba!

Am sure most of you must have seen these photos on facebook. She is Oneal Morris, 32, a Florida woman who was charged with injecting people with Fix-a-Flat and cement as part of a black market buttock-enhancing business is now facing similar charges again, this time in Broward County.

She herself in to authorities Monday on charges of practicing medicine without a license and practicing medicine without a license resulting in serious injury, according to the Broward Sheriff's Office.

She made bond and was released the same day.

Morris was arrested after three Broward women came forward saying they also received butt enhancement injections with substances that included Fix-a-Flat, super glue and bathroom caulk.

Morris' attorney said Tuesday evening that she "maintains her innocence, and is looking forward to her day in

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