Lagos road accident, 10 die and others wounded

About 10 people died on Friday at the Otedola Estate on the Lagos/Ibadan Expressway when five vehicles, including a trailer, ran into some oil pipes, which were lying carelessly on the road.

The oil pipelines, which were four in number, fell off another trailer on Thursday night at about 9 pm. The trailer was moving on the outbound Lagos lane towards Ogun State.

An eyewitness said, “These pipes you see on the road fell off a trailer yesterday (Thursday) night. I think the cord used to bind the pipelines came undone as the trailer sped past, but the driver was well aware when the oil pipes started dropping off.

“Those of us who witnessed the incident thought the driver would stop immediately he noticed this, but he didn’t. He simply continued on his way. We also noticed that some policemen came around and tried to remove the pipes from the road.

“The police at first tried to push the pipes off the road, but they couldn’t because of the weight. I later learned that they radioed for assistance: that a crane was needed but no help came. That was how the pipes remained on the expressway till Friday morning when some vehicles crashed into it.”

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