Couple Killed Kristy Bam Over Witchcraft Obsession

Kristy Bamu
Kristy Bamu was visiting London from Paris during the Christmas holidays

It was the 2010 Christmas holidays and teenager Kristy Bamu and his siblings were staying with their sister in east London during a visit from Paris.

But this was no happy family gathering.

When paramedics entered the eighth floor apartment on Christmas Day they found the walls, ceiling and furniture spattered with blood.

Kristy, 15, had died from drowning and being beaten with a metal bar in the Forest Gate flat.

His face was covered in deep cuts and bruising, his arms and back bore cuts and lacerations and his teeth were missing or loose.

The teenager had sustained 101 injuries during a ferocious attack stretching over days.

The other children were found "hysterical and terrified".

Two of Kristy's siblings had also been victims of beatings and torture.

Kristy's sister Magalie Bamu, 29, and her partner Eric Bikubi, 28, both from Newham, east London, have been convicted for their part in the brutal killing.

But it was an "obsession" with witchcraft and sorcery that led them to torture and brutalise the children, the Old Bailey heard         
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